Friday, 13 September 2002


Apparently, Ben Affleck wears a rug or something. I think Ben's got some pretty shitty friends - the article says he begged them not to say anything. If I were him I'd find out who ratted and butt them right in the teeth with my bald head.

Well, off to drink beer and watch twenty different television shows at once!
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Well, Blue Post is off. No one wants to drive. Guess it's the same old, same old tonight - drinkin' at The South Kerr Sports Bar, which is walking distance. Cute college girl Bartenders, occasional groups of female patrons, loud arguments over politics/religion/sports/who cares. Fun, but familiar. And, when it's dead - it's DEPRESSING.
One 'regular' (that's a polite term for 'Drunk') is apparently making a career out of South Kerr.

Oh, well.

OPERATION: GET MY SHIT TOGETHER starts this weekend.
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Speaking of names...

Tonight, myself and some of the fellows will venture down to The Blue Post (It's a pool/darts/game hall). I don't know exactly what we'll be doing, but there is the very slight possibility alcohol of some sort may be involved. The last time I was there (about three weeks ago) I spent a couple of pleasant hours conversing with a lovely young lady, showing her how to play darts (well, not really - I kind of throw darts like an epileptic under a strobe light), flirting. Turned sour when I found out she had a boyfriend, which should have been information pertinent enough to share with me - oh, I don't know, TWENTY SECONDS INTO THE CONVERSATION, MAYBE?!?! Sheesh.

Anyway, her actual name was 'Honey'. No shit. I made her show me her driver's license.

And, while chatting just a few minutes ago, my neighbor informed me she was going out tonight with some guy named 'Rodeo'. RO-DAY-OH. Like the Drive, not the goat-roping spectacle. I'm just glad he didn't come outside and introduce himself - I don't know if I would have been able to contain myself:

"Hi, I'm Rodeo Smith."

"Carnival Parrott. Nice to meet you."

I have been told in the past that my mouth will be the direct cause of my death.

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